Jan 3, 2018: Medway 4 EU Inaugural Meeting

Medway 4 EU will be holding its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, 3 January,  from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at  Holy Trinity Church &  Hall, Twydall Lane, Gillingham, Kent ME8 6JU

To join us, please register via the European Movement website using the following link: http://www.europeanmovement.co.uk/medway_branch_meeting

The hall lies almost midway between Rainham and Gillingham railway stations, and we hope that everyone will make a special effort to be there. Please try to arrive for 7 p.m. so we may start at 7.30 promptly.


The Bus of Truth Tour – Local Group Support needed

Camden for Europe have launched a crowdfunder to raise funds for a big red bus without lies on it:


But aside from funds, they need some local volunteers to make it happen.  Can your group host the bus? Get in touch with the organisers to see what you need to do if you want it to stop in your area.

Link to crowdfunder website
No lies on this bus – please make it happen. Click the link for more info on the crowdfunder website


Hello world!

Welcome to Medway4EU! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in which we hope to see an end to the division in this country, and a return to normal courtesy and common sense as the people and politicans realise what’s in all our interest – to #StopBrexit ! – and stay in the EU.