27 Jan – EM Action Day in Rochester

EM Action Day in Rochester

Lest we Forget” is what it says on the war memorial – we say lest we forget that the European Union is a vision that ended millenia of war. It’s a union of that gives us peace, prosperity and power.

On 27 January, 15 Members and Supporters of MidKent4EU took to Rochester High Street to talk to shoppers along the high street about how they felt about Brexit, and we were inspired by the overall positive reception we had.

Young people were especially pleased to receive our positive message about the EU, and learn that they may have the chance to vote in another referendum.

After over 4 hours in the cold, wind and later rain, taking turns to warm up in coffee shops, we then held a group meeting in which we formally elected a committee. Roles were assigned and we made great progress in developing plans for our upcoming campaigns.

If you’d like to get involved then please get in touch!